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    The Mountain You Go To Have Sex With Strangers For Luck

    Imagine a place were being unfaithful is not only an acceptable behavior, but can also lead to good luck.

    There is a mountain in Indonesia where people do pilgrimages to have sex with random strangers in order to be blessed with the energy of a prince buried there. It sounds like an excuse created by someone who’s not entirely sure of monogamy. But, according to the report from ABC Australia, it’s true.

    Gunun Kemukus is best known as the sex mountain. In this mountain lie the remains of young Prince Pangeran Samodro who, during the sixteenth century, escaped there with Queen Nyai Ontrowulan, his stepmother. One day they were discovered there having sex and were murdered. According to the Wetonan cycle, the ritual should be done every 35 days, seven times, with the same stranger. Finishing the ritual will result in good fortune, money, and prosperity in business.

    This remote mountain receives up to eight thousand people on its best nights. The pilgrims begin with a prayer call for the last prayers of the day. Then, they place flowers on the graves, wash themselves on the springs close by, and start looking for their unknown partner.

    According to Keontjoro Soeparno, psychologist from the University of Gadjah Mada, “Most people who do the ritual are small business owners. They hope that if they complete the ritual, their businesses will improve, make good money, and be successful.”

    Pilgrims come here for economic purposes and to help their families. However, most do it in secret. Men will lie, saying they’re going to the mosque, and instead go up looking for a woman. According to them, the physical aspect is not important, as long as they have a good heart and the same determination to finish the ritual.

    As for the women who come here to be blessed, they tend to avoid cameras or any device that could expose them. They cover their faces with veils and don’t take them off until they enter the small rooms that have been conditioned for the pilgrims throughout the years.  

    Ibu Winda is around the age of sixty, and instead of enjoying her blessing after doing the seven cycles of the ritual, keeps going to Gunung Kemumus to see the man she shares a secret life with. He promised her that if they lasted three years doing the ritual, he would take her to fulfill her pilgrimage to Mecca.

    He went looking for her in her town, but she denied knowing him to her husband and family. Now they limit themselves to phone calls and meeting at Kemukus every 35 days.

    The ritual is not an Islamic practice. It’s a mixture of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Animism rites and beliefs known as Kejawen. Since the eighties and nineties, businesses have flourished in what was once a tree-filled mountain. In the past, people would arrive and have sex in a solemn ritual in touch with nature. Today, there are bars, karaoke, restaurants, and a small red-light district, since prostitution has become quite the business. Kemukus has ceased to be holy land and is now a victim of the oldest thriving industry out there, sex.

    Whether it’s to earn divine favors or to simply have a reason to be with someone other than their spouses, the number of people who visit here increases each year. Sex mountain is a religious site that has gotten the attention of authorities, who now charge parking fees, yet continues to stay open. Sometimes religion can beat even the strongest moral convictions.

    A legend born from adultery has turned into a pilgrimage of many. These customs can appear strange to foreigners, yet these acts demonstrate human nature’s continuous need for communion with another in an intimate manner.

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    11 ways to have sex in nature like the kinky ape-descendant you are

    Ah, Colorado; a last refuge for nature and wilderness. With countless sprawling acres of protected lands, 53 fourteener mountain peaks and enough beautiful scenery to make a blind man cry,  it exists solely for you … to have sex on.

    Nature is so prevalent in Colorado that there are plenty of spots to deflower, which is more than can be said about most girls in Fort Collins. But why risk the threat of poison oak on your taint or porcupine quills in your babymaker? We’ll tell you why.  Nature sex is amazing because it brings everyone back to a primitive state where, after hiking and climbing for miles, they’re reduced to hormone-driven fluid dispensers. Hot. Plus, nature sex is where you can lay next to a Brook, crawl on top of a Savannah and be naked under Sky without being in a strip club.

    It’s always been around, even in the Bible, when Moses “came down the mountain” (there’s actually a lesson in there to “pull out down wind.”) And with landmark names like Long’s Peak, Mount Lindsey, Handies Peak and Mount Elbert, Colorado is pretty much begging you to do cocaine and orgasm up there.

    Now that you’re all hot and bothered, it’s time to tell you some rules for getting back to nature, in nature.

    1. Go slow

    Up high on the mountain peaks, the air is thinner than your wallet after you bought jello shots for everyone at the frat house. And if you didn’t already get winded after sex at sea level, you’re gonna wheeze like the weird kid in high school. Take it slow, and you won’t have to descend the mountain in a body bag.

    Avoid the post-sex cigarette as well. Not only are your lungs already hurting for oxygen, but any spark in the wild could burn the forest worse than your knees on a shag carpet. It may look like you’re giving a robot a BJ, but go for a vape instead.

    2. Foreplay is always important

    Foreplay in nature is important. Remember to work all areas of her boob or his balls; that’s the true meaning of global warming. And, foreplay in nature is easier than it is within the confines of your dorm bunk; you’re already hot and sweaty, so half the work is done for you.

    Take your time, because those 50mph winds will force you to explain yourself like you just got out of a pool. And remember: foreplay is mental. Try saying things like “How can we fill the forest with even more wood?” to turn each other on.

    3. You don’t need a GPS to find your perfect position

    For amateur hikers, 69 is the best position for nature sex. It’s not just because it feels great … but because you can both still watch for bears. Being aware and staying protected is key. Remember to practice the “Leave No Trace” principle; either you swallow, or spit into a Ziploc bag and pack out. No man left behind!

    4. Doggy style is experienced hiker’s secret weapon

    It’s called the “back country” for a reason, you guys. Sure, when you do it doggy style, you’re both unprotected from the behind, but that’s your fault for forgetting condoms.
    In nature, the standing-up variation of doggy is easiest; just post up with the lady facing a tree and using it for support, and the guy can back door it with his hands on the tree as well. It’s kind of like the tree is the third in your threesome, but it sure as shit won’t stay for breakfast the next morning.

    Doggy style is also great because you can point to scenery and the other person can see it with you. Enjoy views of the river to encourage her to gush, point out the mountain lion so he’ll hurry up. It’s also the gentleman’s position; if you’re both going to get eaten by a bear, it’s the only time a guy should come first.

    6. Avoid missionary position

    In back country Colorado, “missionary position” isn’t sexual, it’s about converting Native Americans to Christianity before stealing their land. Plus, think how awful it would be if one of you got poison ivy on their back … in that one Bermuda Triangle of a place that you just can’t scratch

    7. Don’t be mountin’ on a mountain

    Sex at high altitude has one major rule: only quickies above the tree line. You never know when a random scattered lightening storm can move in and strike. Although, getting hit by lightening might be most guys’ only chance at actually making a girl cum.

    However, getting hit by lightening does have its benefits … it’s a great excuse to cry afterward. If she doesn’t believe it’s because of the lightening, you can also tell her nature is so beautiful you just couldn’t handle it. It might be the only time a girl calls you “The Flash” in a good way

    8. Campsites mean you’re not having sex, you’re marking your territory

    There are plenty of great places to have sex at your campsite. If you’re feeling romantic you two can lay on some soft moss. That also means she can get on top and you wont have to worry about pulling a rock out of any holes.

    If you’re into a little pain and domination, try having sex against a tree. Don’t worry about splinters, it’s not the first time she’s had to pull small wood out of her and it ruined the moment. Always go against a birch tree if you can find it; not only is it more comfortable, but it’s fun to see that James <3’s Amanda so much he carved that while he could have been having sex with her instead. Maybe James and Amanda would still be together if he was banging her instead of playing with wood.

    9. This should go without saying, but no foot fetishes in nature

    Okay, yeah, a mild foot massage after a long day of hiking is bearable, but feet get battered out hiking in the wild. Getting a foot job from someone whose feet have blood blisters is like jerking off to snuff porn … you’re a monster. After 12 miles wrapped in cotton and stuffed in a damp shoe, boots should probably still be worn while knocking boots for smell purposes. Everything is a little ripe to begin with from not showering, so let’s stay as far away from stink glands that have toes attached to them.

    10. Pitch all the tents

    You’re already crammed in so tightly that being inside someone is an excuse to save four to nine inches of space. Tent sex should be open air only; nothing smells worse than being in a nylon-walled clam box scientifically designed to keep the heat in. It smells like the inside of a fat man’s poncho after he’s walked a mile in the rain. A great choice in tents is the Passage 2 by REI, it has an open air top and sides, but a great rain fly for privacy getting frisky on long family vacations, or when you’re camping around swingers.

    11. Get your own rocks off

    Since there’s a “no porn” rule in nature, you may have to get creative if your partner fell off a cliff or succumbed to dysentery. But that’s okay, because nature is notorious for growing phallic-shaped objects. If you’re horny enough, mountains will look like boobs. Throw a stick in a canyon, watch a snake slither back into a hole … nature is literally a sexy beast. Women have it lucky masturbating in the wild. There’s minimal clean-up and if an animal comes along, it looks like a sign of aggression.

    So there you have it. Banging in nature is born into us, not having sex in nature is like denying evolution. People who deny evolution don’t even have sex unless its for procreation. We were meant to bang in nature, that’s why we have so little feeling in our knees and elbows.  Be brave, you have a huge array of things with six legs ready to make your skin crawl worse than a bad one night stand.

  • Sex in the mountains

    Sex in the mountains-satisfaction and heaven

    Now days we are living in that surrounding which is much concern with interesting facts. Somehow there are so many people who are connected with social networking and many other websites, as they especially get good knowledge and innovative ideas. If we are talking about having sex especially in hilly and mountain areas, then there is no denying the fact that people are becoming lover of that place. That’s why there are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which are responsible for better feel and relaxation.

    Why mountains and hills become necessary for us?

    As we always want relaxations and much better relief from our life ,that’s why people must choose and give the priority to mountains and hills that helps for us to provide better sex between couple. Some are the following points which show that why mountains are beneficial:-

    • Heaven: This is the best and especially main features of mountain and hills, valleys which gave us heaven feels and made our sex better relief and with higher satisfaction. Mountains play an important role in making a suitable sex. there are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which clearly and purely tells that why mountain makes us necessary
    • Better comfort: The priority always matters to comfort. As if we are looking about sex in mountains then it makes compulsory for the couple for having better relief and feels better comfort.
    • Romantic mood: Mountains and hills always give us romantic mood just because of their cold weather. It generally helps to have a sex between them. Somehow people just make concern with mood as weather definitely changes to romance.
    • Lack of disturbance: Couples always want long distance travel from home. This results in lack of disturbances and this will be much beneficial for them, hence results in pregnancy.
    • Healthy environment: There is no denying the fact that hilly areas and mountains gives you better and healthy environment and hence results in better sex. If there is anybody who are much interested in sex in mountains will definitely choose best option.
    • Starting new life: New life regarding to the newly married couple who are making honeymoon in mountains which gave them better feel and results in better sex. It is most common thing in them that sex is becoming essential for honeymoon.

    Guidance and advices

    Whether we are much knowledgeable person but we must consider advices and we always make sure that new adventure and new better experiences plays an important role in our life as it can provide new and happy life. As there are so many websites blogs and videos regarding sex in the mountains, that why we must consider useful information and guidance from experienced person before visiting in mountain for a better life and incredible sex experiences.


    There are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which are helpful for us to provide better knowledge and gave us good experiences.