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    The bigger, the better? Does size really matter?

    What is the consensus on the “the bigger, the better” attitude regarding penis size? Does size really matter, and in what way? Should you be discouraged if you or your partner has a small penis? Today, we’ll try to answer those age-old questions so that you can see penis size in a new light! 

    For most women, it does

    As you know, penis size, sexual confidence, and the female orgasm are all hot topics of discussion that pose many questions. For centuries, our society has glorified big dicks. It has turned them into the ultimate symbols of masculinity. Sadly, small penises have always gotten the short end of the stick, otherwise there wouldn’t be a demand for all these kinky accessories courtesy of Lovegasm.co

    Fortunately, it’s almost impossible to prove that larger penises are indeed better. There is simply way too much variability in the preferences among women (and men). That makes it incredibly difficult to find large-scale evidence through scientific studies. 

    Still, what multiple studies can show us is that penis size is something that most women consider when entering a relationship or thinking about their sexual preferences. In this case, the question is definitely not about bigger being better. Penis size matters to women, but that doesn’t only relate to length. Most women truly consider penis size when bonding with a new or existing partner for various reasons.

    For one, the female orgasm is different for every woman, and some would prefer larger penises for deeper vaginal orgasms. Others, however, may be intimidated and could actually experience a lot of discomfort with a large penis. In this case, a small penis could feel good, if not better, to some women. Thus, size matters for women, but not in a way that most guys would think.  

    When it’s too big

    There are several reasons why some women are attracted to big penises. Primarily, larger penises could offer higher sexual satisfaction to women who simply enjoy a larger size. Some women could get turned on by the so-called big dick energy that well-endowed guys possess. Others would prefer a large penis because of purely sexual reasons. In fact, a few studies have been able to prove that larger sizes can produce stronger G-spot orgasms. What’s more, some size-queens might love the feeling of being stretched out more during penetration or even being able to try various acts like deepthroating during oral sex and domination. 

    However, most medical studies agree that the average depth of a female vagina is around 3 inches. This means that even the average erect penis size (5 inches) could potentially feel uncomfortable to a lot of women. If it’s too big, she could experience cervix pain or even vaginal or anal tears that could lead to infections. 

    One of the best ways for women to determine if they prefer bigger penises is to experiment with medium to large dildos. Dildo sex toys can allow women to find the best size for them in order to get better satisfaction. If they fantasize about their partner being “hung like a horse,” they can even try an animal dildo to see if bigger is truly better. And if they have a partner who is truly too big, experimenting with comfortable sex positions or using lots of lube will help.

    When it’s too small

    Theoretically, there’s no evidence that states smaller penises bring less sexual satisfaction. 

    Having a smaller penis doesn’t diminish its function. What’s more, it doesn’t impact a man’s ability to reproduce. Like we’ve said, most women have a short vaginal depth. A penis that is just a bit shorter than average could be enough to satisfy them. 

    Yet, it’s possible that a smaller penis could lower a guy’s sexual confidence and body image. It might make him think less of himself due to all the hype surrounding big dicks. But would women call out a small penis? 

    Again, this all revolves around personal preferences and desires. Some might prefer a smaller penis because it causes less discomfort during penetration. In some cases, smaller penises could target the vaginal walls much more accurately. They could even allow the male pelvis to stimulate the clitoris with more accuracy during penetration. A lot of women also prefer girth to length and could highly enjoy a thicker but smaller penis. 

    Furthermore, there are many ways to improve female satisfaction with a small penis. For example, a smaller size allows women to try many different sex positions in bed to see what suits them the most. 

    Additionally, smaller penises could feel much more comfortable for anal sex and cause less pain compared to larger sizes. And there is so much more that contributes to the female orgasm aside from penis size. That includes additional stimulation of the breasts and clitoris. In some cases, women could improve their satisfaction if their partner is on the smaller side by using additional sex toys like vibrators.

    So, which one is better?

    As you can see, penises of all sizes have their benefits and disadvantages. The bottom line is that penis size means different strokes for different folks. That is, we can’t really settle on a specific size that all women will enjoy. 

    To complicate things even further, any size will not be enough to satisfy if the man doesn’t deliver a good performance. We’ve all heard the “it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean” saying. This is perhaps the most effective and simplest way to answer our question. Guys with bigger penises could cause a lot of damage if they do not know how to properly handle their equipment. As mentioned, that could result in pain, internal tears, or infections. Alternatively, men with smaller penises could give women some unforgettable orgasms if they deliver a great performance. Thus, having a smaller penis doesn’t instantly render men useless. Plus, it certainly doesn’t make them less desirable! 

    However, since it all boils down to personal desires, there’s truly no way to know if your future partner will enjoy a larger or smaller penis. To conclude, we advise men not to be discouraged about their penis size. As we’ve said, size really does matter, but not in the way that most people think. 

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    The Mountain You Go To Have Sex With Strangers For Luck

    Imagine a place were being unfaithful is not only an acceptable behavior, but can also lead to good luck.

    There is a mountain in Indonesia where people do pilgrimages to have sex with random strangers in order to be blessed with the energy of a prince buried there. It sounds like an excuse created by someone who’s not entirely sure of monogamy. But, according to the report from ABC Australia, it’s true.

    Gunun Kemukus is best known as the sex mountain. In this mountain lie the remains of young Prince Pangeran Samodro who, during the sixteenth century, escaped there with Queen Nyai Ontrowulan, his stepmother. One day they were discovered there having sex and were murdered. According to the Wetonan cycle, the ritual should be done every 35 days, seven times, with the same stranger. Finishing the ritual will result in good fortune, money, and prosperity in business.

    This remote mountain receives up to eight thousand people on its best nights. The pilgrims begin with a prayer call for the last prayers of the day. Then, they place flowers on the graves, wash themselves on the springs close by, and start looking for their unknown partner.

    According to Keontjoro Soeparno, psychologist from the University of Gadjah Mada, “Most people who do the ritual are small business owners. They hope that if they complete the ritual, their businesses will improve, make good money, and be successful.”

    Pilgrims come here for economic purposes and to help their families. However, most do it in secret. Men will lie, saying they’re going to the mosque, and instead go up looking for a woman. According to them, the physical aspect is not important, as long as they have a good heart and the same determination to finish the ritual.

    As for the women who come here to be blessed, they tend to avoid cameras or any device that could expose them. They cover their faces with veils and don’t take them off until they enter the small rooms that have been conditioned for the pilgrims throughout the years.  

    Ibu Winda is around the age of sixty, and instead of enjoying her blessing after doing the seven cycles of the ritual, keeps going to Gunung Kemumus to see the man she shares a secret life with. He promised her that if they lasted three years doing the ritual, he would take her to fulfill her pilgrimage to Mecca.

    He went looking for her in her town, but she denied knowing him to her husband and family. Now they limit themselves to phone calls and meeting at Kemukus every 35 days.

    The ritual is not an Islamic practice. It’s a mixture of Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and Animism rites and beliefs known as Kejawen. Since the eighties and nineties, businesses have flourished in what was once a tree-filled mountain. In the past, people would arrive and have sex in a solemn ritual in touch with nature. Today, there are bars, karaoke, restaurants, and a small red-light district, since prostitution has become quite the business. Kemukus has ceased to be holy land and is now a victim of the oldest thriving industry out there, sex.

    Whether it’s to earn divine favors or to simply have a reason to be with someone other than their spouses, the number of people who visit here increases each year. Sex mountain is a religious site that has gotten the attention of authorities, who now charge parking fees, yet continues to stay open. Sometimes religion can beat even the strongest moral convictions.

    A legend born from adultery has turned into a pilgrimage of many. These customs can appear strange to foreigners, yet these acts demonstrate human nature’s continuous need for communion with another in an intimate manner.

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    11 ways to have sex in nature like the kinky ape-descendant you are

    Ah, Colorado; a last refuge for nature and wilderness. With countless sprawling acres of protected lands, 53 fourteener mountain peaks and enough beautiful scenery to make a blind man cry,  it exists solely for you … to have sex on.

    Nature is so prevalent in Colorado that there are plenty of spots to deflower, which is more than can be said about most girls in Fort Collins. But why risk the threat of poison oak on your taint or porcupine quills in your babymaker? We’ll tell you why.  Nature sex is amazing because it brings everyone back to a primitive state where, after hiking and climbing for miles, they’re reduced to hormone-driven fluid dispensers. Hot. Plus, nature sex is where you can lay next to a Brook, crawl on top of a Savannah and be naked under Sky without being in a strip club.

    It’s always been around, even in the Bible, when Moses “came down the mountain” (there’s actually a lesson in there to “pull out down wind.”) And with landmark names like Long’s Peak, Mount Lindsey, Handies Peak and Mount Elbert, Colorado is pretty much begging you to do cocaine and orgasm up there.

    Now that you’re all hot and bothered, it’s time to tell you some rules for getting back to nature, in nature.

    1. Go slow

    Up high on the mountain peaks, the air is thinner than your wallet after you bought jello shots for everyone at the frat house. And if you didn’t already get winded after sex at sea level, you’re gonna wheeze like the weird kid in high school. Take it slow, and you won’t have to descend the mountain in a body bag.

    Avoid the post-sex cigarette as well. Not only are your lungs already hurting for oxygen, but any spark in the wild could burn the forest worse than your knees on a shag carpet. It may look like you’re giving a robot a BJ, but go for a vape instead.

    2. Foreplay is always important

    Foreplay in nature is important. Remember to work all areas of her boob or his balls; that’s the true meaning of global warming. And, foreplay in nature is easier than it is within the confines of your dorm bunk; you’re already hot and sweaty, so half the work is done for you.

    Take your time, because those 50mph winds will force you to explain yourself like you just got out of a pool. And remember: foreplay is mental. Try saying things like “How can we fill the forest with even more wood?” to turn each other on.

    3. You don’t need a GPS to find your perfect position

    For amateur hikers, 69 is the best position for nature sex. It’s not just because it feels great … but because you can both still watch for bears. Being aware and staying protected is key. Remember to practice the “Leave No Trace” principle; either you swallow, or spit into a Ziploc bag and pack out. No man left behind!

    4. Doggy style is experienced hiker’s secret weapon

    It’s called the “back country” for a reason, you guys. Sure, when you do it doggy style, you’re both unprotected from the behind, but that’s your fault for forgetting condoms.
    In nature, the standing-up variation of doggy is easiest; just post up with the lady facing a tree and using it for support, and the guy can back door it with his hands on the tree as well. It’s kind of like the tree is the third in your threesome, but it sure as shit won’t stay for breakfast the next morning.

    Doggy style is also great because you can point to scenery and the other person can see it with you. Enjoy views of the river to encourage her to gush, point out the mountain lion so he’ll hurry up. It’s also the gentleman’s position; if you’re both going to get eaten by a bear, it’s the only time a guy should come first.

    6. Avoid missionary position

    In back country Colorado, “missionary position” isn’t sexual, it’s about converting Native Americans to Christianity before stealing their land. Plus, think how awful it would be if one of you got poison ivy on their back … in that one Bermuda Triangle of a place that you just can’t scratch

    7. Don’t be mountin’ on a mountain

    Sex at high altitude has one major rule: only quickies above the tree line. You never know when a random scattered lightening storm can move in and strike. Although, getting hit by lightening might be most guys’ only chance at actually making a girl cum.

    However, getting hit by lightening does have its benefits … it’s a great excuse to cry afterward. If she doesn’t believe it’s because of the lightening, you can also tell her nature is so beautiful you just couldn’t handle it. It might be the only time a girl calls you “The Flash” in a good way

    8. Campsites mean you’re not having sex, you’re marking your territory

    There are plenty of great places to have sex at your campsite. If you’re feeling romantic you two can lay on some soft moss. That also means she can get on top and you wont have to worry about pulling a rock out of any holes.

    If you’re into a little pain and domination, try having sex against a tree. Don’t worry about splinters, it’s not the first time she’s had to pull small wood out of her and it ruined the moment. Always go against a birch tree if you can find it; not only is it more comfortable, but it’s fun to see that James <3’s Amanda so much he carved that while he could have been having sex with her instead. Maybe James and Amanda would still be together if he was banging her instead of playing with wood.

    9. This should go without saying, but no foot fetishes in nature

    Okay, yeah, a mild foot massage after a long day of hiking is bearable, but feet get battered out hiking in the wild. Getting a foot job from someone whose feet have blood blisters is like jerking off to snuff porn … you’re a monster. After 12 miles wrapped in cotton and stuffed in a damp shoe, boots should probably still be worn while knocking boots for smell purposes. Everything is a little ripe to begin with from not showering, so let’s stay as far away from stink glands that have toes attached to them.

    10. Pitch all the tents

    You’re already crammed in so tightly that being inside someone is an excuse to save four to nine inches of space. Tent sex should be open air only; nothing smells worse than being in a nylon-walled clam box scientifically designed to keep the heat in. It smells like the inside of a fat man’s poncho after he’s walked a mile in the rain. A great choice in tents is the Passage 2 by REI, it has an open air top and sides, but a great rain fly for privacy getting frisky on long family vacations, or when you’re camping around swingers.

    11. Get your own rocks off

    Since there’s a “no porn” rule in nature, you may have to get creative if your partner fell off a cliff or succumbed to dysentery. But that’s okay, because nature is notorious for growing phallic-shaped objects. If you’re horny enough, mountains will look like boobs. Throw a stick in a canyon, watch a snake slither back into a hole … nature is literally a sexy beast. Women have it lucky masturbating in the wild. There’s minimal clean-up and if an animal comes along, it looks like a sign of aggression.

    So there you have it. Banging in nature is born into us, not having sex in nature is like denying evolution. People who deny evolution don’t even have sex unless its for procreation. We were meant to bang in nature, that’s why we have so little feeling in our knees and elbows.  Be brave, you have a huge array of things with six legs ready to make your skin crawl worse than a bad one night stand.

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    Sex in the mountains-satisfaction and heaven

    Now days we are living in that surrounding which is much concern with interesting facts. Somehow there are so many people who are connected with social networking and many other websites, as they especially get good knowledge and innovative ideas. If we are talking about having sex especially in hilly and mountain areas, then there is no denying the fact that people are becoming lover of that place. That’s why there are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which are responsible for better feel and relaxation.

    Why mountains and hills become necessary for us?

    As we always want relaxations and much better relief from our life ,that’s why people must choose and give the priority to mountains and hills that helps for us to provide better sex between couple. Some are the following points which show that why mountains are beneficial:-

    • Heaven: This is the best and especially main features of mountain and hills, valleys which gave us heaven feels and made our sex better relief and with higher satisfaction. Mountains play an important role in making a suitable sex. there are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which clearly and purely tells that why mountain makes us necessary
    • Better comfort: The priority always matters to comfort. As if we are looking about sex in mountains then it makes compulsory for the couple for having better relief and feels better comfort.
    • Romantic mood: Mountains and hills always give us romantic mood just because of their cold weather. It generally helps to have a sex between them. Somehow people just make concern with mood as weather definitely changes to romance.
    • Lack of disturbance: Couples always want long distance travel from home. This results in lack of disturbances and this will be much beneficial for them, hence results in pregnancy.
    • Healthy environment: There is no denying the fact that hilly areas and mountains gives you better and healthy environment and hence results in better sex. If there is anybody who are much interested in sex in mountains will definitely choose best option.
    • Starting new life: New life regarding to the newly married couple who are making honeymoon in mountains which gave them better feel and results in better sex. It is most common thing in them that sex is becoming essential for honeymoon.

    Guidance and advices

    Whether we are much knowledgeable person but we must consider advices and we always make sure that new adventure and new better experiences plays an important role in our life as it can provide new and happy life. As there are so many websites blogs and videos regarding sex in the mountains, that why we must consider useful information and guidance from experienced person before visiting in mountain for a better life and incredible sex experiences.


    There are so many website dedicated to sex in mountains which are helpful for us to provide better knowledge and gave us good experiences.

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    Sex on a Plane: Here’s how you should do it

    Wait, you taught sex on a plane is not to be seen in reality? Do you think it’s only possible in movies? Would anyone dare experiment in such a public place? No way? Think again! 

    What Makes Sex on a Plane Exciting 

    Many people have tried the magic of having sex on a flight, and the number is higher than you think. Not only do they dare to try it, but they find it hard to get enough of these adventures, so they want more. It is a pleasing experience for so many reasons, and we will start with the most logical. 


    The amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and brain decreases during a flight. You may then feel a sudden outburst of arousal in your genitals and feelings of euphoria. What better way to use the extra sexual energy than through an exciting sex adventure?


    Orgasms are much better when you are flying. Why is that so? Well, the higher you are, the less oxygen there is in your bloodstream, and that tension feels good to your body. 


    We would stop here and direct a question to those who have not been on an airplane yet. Do you remember that feeling of sudden excitement when the car accelerates sharply and the road is flat? That feeling when your body suddenly feels like having sex is much more intense on the plane.

    Overnight Flights Are the Best 

    If you want to add this to your bucket list, go ahead. And if you have an overnight flight with your boyfriend soon, now is the time to try. If you travel overnight, only a decision separates you from fulfilling a wish.


    Most people will want to rest, which opens the door for you to have fun without interruption and the risk of catching. At least not so easy, because fewer people will get the urge to stretch their legs or go to the toilet. Also, depending on where you are going to do it, keep in mind that the restroom is the cleanest at night time. 


    Whether you are new or experienced, the restroom is the best place for you. However, you should not go there as if you are sneaking out but relaxed. Do not give any pair of eyes that may have remained awake a reason to pry.


    Maybe the seats between and around the two of you are free? Did you bring a large blanket? Your hands might play the role here. The feelings you’ll get from this go all the way from wonderful, rebellious to horny.

    Find the Right Timing 

    Don’t miss that flight at 10 PM. And if you still miss it, don’t worry. The party is still waiting around the corner. First of all, pay attention to flight attendants. 


    After a drink service, hardly anyone will ask for help with something for quite a few hours. Of course, none of that is certain. But statistically, those hours are the safest for you. A long-haul flight is the best option for this type of adventure. After a drink and food service, the lights go out for a good 4–5 hours. And that time is your fun time. 

    A few people from the service will always stay awake. But when the lights go out, they sleep in shifts too. The fewer they are, the greater the chance for fun. So, to avoid embarrassment, choose carefully and choose appropriate timing.

    Use the Classic “Fight in a Flight” 

    This trick is old, but it’s still gold. Many couples still manage to bluff a quarrel and end up in the toilet together. This is definitely one of the best sex tips on a plane to get today. You can even spill a drink on your partner’s lap, which will surely create a safe way to the bathroom where you will help him clean up. And only you will know the way how. But there is something else! This is the perfect opportunity to touch your partner’s genitals in front of everyone, as long as water and crumbs “bother him.” 

    Do It Quick

    Sex plane calls for a quicky. That adrenaline rush because they can catch you and the excitement we talked about at the beginning of the text, which concerns the lack of oxygen, will quickly disappear if you get caught.


    The best advice we have is to do everything in your power to excite both yourself and your partner before going to the restroom for some wild sex. Sexting and whispers, a touch under the blanket, looks, and even porn — whatever it is that turns you on, go for it.

    True Life-Stories 

    Statistics say that 75% of passengers on a plane feel horny. Only 5% of them dared to indulge in adventure. Among this 5%, some spread the story further, via the internet or by ear. Flight attendants spread gossip too. But also, some of the passengers often use the camera to record the couples. 

    Stories range from celebrities cuddling under blankets through strangers in the elevator to gay couples who have no shame at all, even when people watch them. Most couples who do not enjoy first-class flights wait for the person sitting next to them to go to the toilet. And then they cuddle as long as they have time.

    Blow jobs also don’t go out of trend during sex on a plane. When the lights go out, that’s what a little braver couple dares to perform. As the adrenaline is at a high level, it doesn’t take long for the climax to come to an end.


    Passengers, however, most often decide to go to the restroom. And one couple said that they visited a restroom for the handicapped because there was more space, and they had the craziest night of their life. Since then, they have always enjoyed sex traveling by plane without children.


    It is not far from the truth to come across a stranger whose gaze indicates that he wants you. Not a bit of love with the staff comes out of the option too. If you are brave enough to try, chances are you will never stop again.

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    Essential tips for having sex outdoors

    Outdoor sex is one of the most common fantasies, but not everyone has the guts to try it out. If you feel adventurous, we have a couple of tricks that may help you enjoy sex outside and, hopefully, keep you out of trouble. 

    Wait Until It’s a Nice Day

    If you plan on having sex outdoors, the first thing you should consider is the weather. You need to wait until it is a nice day outside. The reasons for this are more than obvious. If you do it in the winter, your ass will freeze. And the beginning of the spring can still be cold or wet. 


    The last thing you need is rain in the middle of the action, and if you are unfortunate enough to fall into the mud, you’ll hate every second of it. So, the perfect time for sex is when the weather is nice. Otherwise, the best possible idea would be to do it at home. 

    While some might love the idea of doing it in the snow, it is not something that those inexperienced in outdoor sex should try. As with everything else, the best is to start slow. 

    Find a Secluded Space

    The next thing on the list is to find a place for your little adventure. Needless to say, you will need to find a location that’s hidden from the view for obvious reasons. You should keep in mind that public sex is not allowed, and if you get caught in the middle of the action, there is a high chance you’ll become a registered sex offender


    So, you’ll need to find a spot that’s far off the beaten path. You and your partner will need to hide as much as possible. Ideally, you’ll be far away from innocent passersby. 


    If you have a park near you or any way to have some privacy in the great outdoors, you should probably pick that as your destination. 

    Ignore Bugs

    In movies, a couple will start with the action, and everything will be romantic and perfect. One of the things they don’t have in the movies is bugs. There is a chance that you’ll encounter a couple of them during your adventure, and it is essential to keep your cool. 


    That is especially important if you aren’t fond of these crawling creatures. You don’t want to start jumping around whenever you feel something on your skin. If you did, it would be such a mood killer. 


    Of course, if it will keep you calmer and safer, you can always carry a bug spray with you. Just keep in mind that nature is filled with animals that love running around, and a simple spray might not be a perfect solution.  

    Do It Standing

    One of the ways to avoid bugs and dirt is to do it while standing. This way, you won’t need to worry about mud, dirt, bugs, or anything else except sex. While outdoor sex is not dangerous per se, it can still cause a couple of problems. Just imagine rubbing your butt on the poison ivy or bugs crawling in your butt. 


    While there is a chance that neither of these things will happen, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is why standing sex is the solution for all of your problems. 

    For those that are into camping and hiking, if you have a sleeping bag or a tent, you can always use those as well. However, some might dislike the idea of having sex in a tent since it isn’t nearly as exciting as doing it somewhere riskier. 

    Have an Exit Strategy

    It’s always good to be prepared. You need to have an exit strategy if things go south. So, plan on how you and your partner will flee if someone stumbles upon you while doing the deed. Now, it doesn’t have to be a park ranger. It could be anyone. 


    But it still means that you need to have a backup plan. One of the best sex tips we can give you is to never undress fully. There is no reason for you to be completely naked since it will only take you more time to dress if someone spots you. And, of course, things can get into your butt if you are naked. 


    The next important bit is to have protection and think about what will happen once you’re done. While some couples might go raw and don’t use condoms, they will still need to clean themselves before they can go back to civilization. 

    For those that plan on using protection, keep in mind that littering is never a good idea, and you should plan on disposing of used condoms in a way it won’t harm anyone (just throw it in the trash). 

    Embrace the Moment

    Even though there are tons of rules and tricks to remember, just keep in mind the most important thing — having fun. Embrace the moment and stop worrying about a thing. Yes, so many things can go wrong, but they can go wrong while going to the store. At least you are enjoying yourself with a person you love. 


    Stop thinking about indecent exposure, butt bugs, and anything else that may happen along the way. Have the time of your life, and enjoy having sex with your partner in a weird location.

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    What Are The Best Kegel Exercises To Strengthen Sphincter Muscles

    Some of the proposed ones are Kegel exercises that come from the name of its inventor Dr. Arnold Kegel, gynecologist, who imagined for the women, exercises of contractions and relaxation of the perineum for a better awareness of these muscles and a reinforcement of the perineum.

    Quickly discover all the advice of a professional perineal reeducation.

    During the perineal reeducation sessions, the therapist brings you to an awareness and then re-education of the perineum using different exercises. The effectiveness of these sessions is well established.

    • First of all, let’s talk about the important role of the perineum.
    • Let’s not forget that the perineum is a group of muscles forming the pelvic floor that supports all the abdominal organs, it forms like a hammock. It is therefore necessary to “maintain” to prevent relaxation.
    • Indeed, the relaxation of the perineal muscles can cause problems such as urine leaks , vaginal gases , pelvic heaviness , perineal pain , or the descent of organs.
    • During pregnancy for example, the weight of the uterus and the baby will press on this hammock, through which the baby will pass during childbirth.
    • Even in case of cesarean section, the perineum may have “suffered” from the baby’s weight and the perineal muscles may be distended.
    • That is why it is necessary between the perineal reeducation sessions and after the end of these sessions to continue performing the exercises that your therapist has given you.
    • From the maternity you can begin to perform small exercises of contractions / loosening of the perineum, but be careful not to “stop pee” as we can sometimes still hear!
    • This can cause the sphincter of the urethra to contract, leaving a urine residue in the bladder that can lead to urinary tract infection.

    The exercises of contractions / release of the perineum are not only intended for young mothers. Sometimes after several pregnancies, with age, menopause or significant weight the perineum may also need to be retrained.

    Do your perineal exercises with geisha balls

    Here are 5 exercises to practice at home, with or without Kegel exercise tools:

    1. Awareness of the Perineum

    Tighten the vaginal muscles as if you wanted to hold back a urge to urinate and Release. The working time of contraction of the perineum must always correspond to half the resting time (squeeze for 5 seconds;release the contraction for 10 sec).

    These Kegel balls improve pelvic fitness and will make you aware of the perineum, facilitate healing (after pregnancy) while activating the blood circulation, and begin to retrain the muscles of the perineum.These exercises for the perineum can be continued for life, the ideal being to make 3 sets of 10 perineal contractions per day.The difficulty is not to do them but to think about them. So give yourself landmarks: during feeding, waking, driving, on the bus, while lying down.

    1. Contraction of the perineum

    First sit back on your back. The fold your legs and have flat back. Begin by contracting the vagina, as if to retain urine or gas, always in small series of 10 contractions / 10 releases.

    1. To go a little further

    Again stay on your back then bent your legs in support of the ground. Blow slowly while contracting the perineum. Block your breathing by plugging your nose. And lift the air in your belly to your chest under the ribs.This will dig the belly and swell the chest, which will help tighten the perineal muscles further

    1. The half-bridge

    While lying on the back:Legs bent in support on the ground: Contract the perineum by slowly blowing: Tighten the buttocks and thighs to tilt the pelvis and then take off the buttocks from the ground (half-bridge) by blowing for 10 seconds. Go down very slowly while unrolling the column one after one.

    1. The lift

    It is also possible to imagine the perineum as an elevator, here is a last exercise to do standing or lying:

    • Imagine that you are in an elevator and go up to the 4th floor. The more you go up one floor and more you will have to contract during this climb, while taking breaks on each floor reached.
    • The contraction of the muscles will be like the previous exercises except that on each floor, you put a little more contraction up the body.

    1st floor: tighten your pelvic floor muscles for 1 second, then made a break by releasing the contraction

    2nd stage: contract for 2 seconds, pulling up your muscles to the upper body then release

    3rd floor: tighten your pelvic floor muscles, going back a little more muscle for 3 seconds then release

    4th floor: contract one last time for 4 seconds and release.

    Some recommendations for your exercises

    Also remember to maintain a good posture, a straight back, a good rocking of the pelvis.

    It is important to do exercises for the perineum every day (Kegel exercises or others). If it may seem tedious at first, it will quickly become a habit, even a reflex.Also remember to lock your perineum when you contract your abdominal muscles to cough, laugh, sneeze, or carry loads.

    Indeed during the contraction of the abdominals, pressure is applied from the top to the bottom, so it is necessary to have a “solid base”, i.e. a tonic pelvic floor to avoid small inconveniences such as urinary leakage, vaginal farts or pelvic heaviness.

    Some accessories can help you and motivate you everyday like the yoni eggs famous in India, as well as the practice of some sports such as gymnastics Pilates, yoga, and postural gymnastics with accessories: Pilates Circle, Ball Pilates etc. It’s important that your tools are of the highest quality. Loveballs has a reputation for the best kegel balls online. You can go there and buy some.

    Where and when to do Kegel exercises?

    This is the great advantage of these exercises! Because you can do them anytime, at work, in the kitchen, while watching TV, etc. Of course, you can also do them during sex !! I advise you to do them at fixed times.

    Why do Kegel exercises?

    These exercises will train your pelvic floor muscles, including the PC muscle. With this you will get more control over your urethra. Men can delay their ejaculation and have more control over their erections. In addition, men and women can achieve more intense orgasms by contracting the muscles of their pelvic floor when they are strong.

    Are tools needed to do Kegel exercises?

    No, it is not necessary, you can do them without tools, standing seated, lying down, everything is possible!

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    6 Tips To Play Anal Games Safely

    Anal training is maybe a standout amongst the most questionable alternatives for sex. Would it be advisable for them to do? What’s more, how to do it right, with the goal that the two partners got the most extreme delight? We discussed this with therapists and sexologists. What’s more, that is the thing that they discovered.

    Isn’t that awful?

    Numerous men regularly ask, and even require doing with them simply this sort of sex. There are various reasons why it merits thinking a couple of times before consenting to be convinced. All things considered, above all else we are discussing your well being. For sure, you don’t want to be using plugs to boost testosterone level for a better sex but on the other hand risking your health, right?

    Anal sex can prompt various extremely disagreeable outcomes In case it isn’t right to rehearse it. The principal peril is the presence of ailments of the rectum, which isn’t astounding, particularly at high power of the procedure. Second point is the danger of transmission of different genital diseases increments. This is conceivable if not secured.

    Sexologists are encouraged to dependably utilize a condom for anal sex. There are other valid justifications for this. They are the third peril. The truth of the matter is that fluids caught in us ladies are right away assimilated. What’s more, it is difficult to anticipate how the insusceptible framework will respond to the way that the sperm was “in the wrong” put. Also, a man can get a disease. Enlighten him regarding it, and he most likely won’t question a condom.

    Do I have to explicitly get ready for this sort of sex?

    Obviously as you most likely are aware, the way that for a man unconstrained sexes, for a lady – a deliberately arranged task. So purchase a unique water-based gel and a pack of extraordinary, particularly solid condoms ahead of time. Join communities such as https://twitter.com/loveplugsco twitter page for discussion on how others deals with these kinds of things.

    No matter what sex game or role-playing you are up to, whether you’re an astronaut persona using butt plug in Mars, or just a plain housewife seeking for a new thrill, you need to set up your body. To begin with, it is important to clean the digestion tracts with a bowel purge. What’s more, also, to modify you mentally? Sexologists guarantee that any muscle can be “instructed” to be malleable. Unwind, think about your adored. What’s more, remind him first you have to energize you and convey nearly to the “breaking point “and at exactly that point continue to this kind of sex. If you are a beginner and want to try anal play, head on to https://loveplugs.co/collections/beginner and learn the ways of the game by buying a beginner product that’s safe and easy to use.

    How to do it right?

    The principal anal contact has indistinguishable noteworthiness for a lady from hardship of virginity. Along these lines, be to a great degree delicate to your sentiments it relies upon the first run through in any case. We ladies frequently keep quiet as partisans with regards to sex, dreading to affront a friend or family member with an unbalanced word. Nevertheless, in this circumstance it is important to lead a man through his body. All things considered, who knows his highlights superior to us?

    There are some broad suggestions on the most proficient method to perform such a sexual demonstration accurately and with delight. To begin with, your partner ought to convey you to a condition of fervor, utilizing the standard love. For this situation, the muscles will unwind and it will be simpler to let your man inside. Attempt hand touches in the shower when you scrub down together, or in bed amid pre-games. Try not to hustle. Give your adored initial a chance to infiltrate a little and make some roundabout developments. See on sensations. When you feel that the energy has escalated, you can continue to the traditional developments. In case you find that the excitement dies down, have your adored one touch alternate erogenous zones of your body.

    For what reason would it be able to be excruciating?

    Sore emotions in the middle of such flighty sex can be in three cases. Start with or within the sight of specific infections around there. Besides, because of the absence of the essential measure of dampness – its rectal cells don’t sufficiently radiate. Keep in mind about the gel. At long last, thirdly, and this is particularly intriguing, the torment is because of a banal sentiment of dread. It, even oblivious, makes the muscles contract, effectively opposing the “attack”, which, obviously, makes intense uneasiness. To evade them, you should not hustle, give the muscles time to become acclimated to the sensations, persuade themselves – nothing horrible occurs and unwinds.

    Nevertheless, the primary concern – recall: to cherish and be adored – does not intend to forfeit your standards or wellbeing. To do whatever it takes not to attempt anal sex – to pick just you. In case a man adores you, he will settle on your choice, whatever it might be.

    There is no all inclusive arrangement for anal sex. In sex shops in the West, you can purchase a gadget called an anal expander. Dilators come in different sizes and with their assistance, bit by bit expanding the span of the dilator, you can set up your rear-end for infiltration of the penis. In any case, this superb innovation has still achieved sex shops.

    Nevertheless, where we didn’t safeguard a few sweethearts use for their rear-end preparing objects within reach – bottles, product of appropriate shape. Nevertheless, don’t excessively partial to this. All things considered, the rectum, in contrast to the vagina, does not lay on a deadlock, but rather goes up to the stomach, an outside question can without much of a stretch become mixed up in the rectum, making genuine harm the body.

    Just a specialist can separate it, which isn’t extremely lovely both physically and ethically. Many utilize butt plugs to extend the rear-end. It is significant that it isn’t sufficient to make it wide: you likewise need to prepare your muscles with the goal that it can contract as per your longing (like Kegel works out). Usually encouraged to pack and unclench the muscles of the rear-end. Likewise, it is prescribed to take the ball (a substantial globule), settle it well on a string, embed it into the butt and attempt to haul it out while holding the rear-end muscles. After some time, the measure of the dabs to decrease, and the exertion connected – to increment. You can likewise utilize sex toys in online dating – for instance, a dildo. A few people encourage you to embed a herringbone plug in the ass for the night a thin small ring to finish everything, at that point fatter, fatter. Notwithstanding, don’t procure hemorrhoids and don’t try too hard with such activities. In any case, your rear-end is required by you and your dearest tight, sheltered and sound.

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    The Truth About Recreational Urethral Sounding

    Utilize ring as opposed to a condom) that is worn at the base of the penis. In excess of a sex toy: it is ready to give data on sexual execution and would even appear to be equipped for distinguishing any venereal sicknesses, for example, chlamydia and syphilis (despite the fact that it isn’t indicated how it is finished). Agreeable, has a scope of around 7 hours, is launderable, reusable and battery-powered by means of usb in around 60 minutes: the shrewd condom is furnished with microchips ready to quantify the circuit of the penis , recognize the skin temperature, record the recurrence of proportions and check calories consumed.

    Here’s a brisk take a gander at what the ring can screen:

    • The force of each “push”
    • The recurrence of pushes amid the relationship

    What number of calories has been scorched in each sex session?

    What number of connections has been culminated?

    • The normal temperature of the penis amid intercourse
    • The perimeter of the penis in erection

    What number of various positions have you possessed the capacity to incorporate?

    Its sensors convey through Bluetooth with an application for iOS cell phones. The recorded therapeutic information that remaining parts mysterious however can be shared not exclusively to perform with companions at the same time, ideally, to impart profitable data to your specialist for instance. An extremely shrewd condom, so, for a similarly savvy utilize, we trust.

    Numerous men after spinal string damage encounter changes in their sexual capacity (and enthusiastic issues can be added to them that further influence sexuality). It is critical that the man and his partner are educated about the idea of the issues and the chances to confront them. You also need to know Is urethral insertion safe?

    Male sexual capacity

    Regularly the male presents two sorts of erection, the psychogenic and the reflex. Psychogenic erection is controlled by the mind, because of visual, sound-related or mental upgrades. The flag from the mind is sent along the spinal rope up to the T10-L2 level and from here to the penis.

    The reflex erection happens rather following direct contact with the penis or different erogenous territories, for example, the areolas, ears or neck. The reflex erection is automatic and can happen without the intercession of sexually invigorating musings. The operational hubs that control the reflex erection are found in the modularly sacral fragments (S2-S4)

    After the modularly injury

    The capacity to have a psychogenic erection relies upon the level and fulfillment or generally of the injury. As a rule, men with low deficient injuries will probably have psychogenic erections than those with a high inadequate injury. Most men with spinal line damage can have a reflexive erection with physical incitement paying little mind to the degree of the injury, as long as the sacral S2-4 focuses are not harmed.

    Given that spinal line wounds contrast from each other, the outcomes on sexual capacity will likewise change from case to case. Albeit numerous men with spinal rope damage can accomplish and keep up an erection adequate for sexual movement, “erectile brokenness” (failure to accomplish or keep up an erection adequate to meet the sexual needs of their own and partner) is a successive event. Erectile brokenness can happen quickly after the damage or even later in time.

    Medications for erectile brokenness

    Oral medications are the principal alternative. The best known are Viagra, Cialis and vardenafil. They act by expanding the blood supply to the penis. Sexual incitement is as yet required to get an erection. Toward the finish of the sexual demonstration, the blood supply to the penis is decreased and the erection relapses.

    These medications are for the most part all around endured, yet it is constantly prescribed to utilize them under restorative supervision

    On account of incapable oral treatment, there are different conceivable outcomes, for example, infusion of medications into the penis that can create a legitimate and extended erection (one to two hours). These are medications to be performed under therapeutic supervision, close to once every week, with the requirement for help with the instance of adjusted manual capacity.

    Transurethral treatment frameworks include the presentation into the urethra of a pill whose substance are consumed by the encompassing tissue. Alprostadil is utilized, a medication that loosens up the vessels of the penis encouraging the stream of blood.

    The “vacuum pump” is a mechanical framework ready to deliver by and large an erection adequate for the relationship. The penis is put inside a chamber, and the air is drawn out of the barrel by illustration blood into the erectile tissue of the penis. The erection is kept up by setting a ring at the base of the penis, which must be evacuated toward the finish of the relationship. There are battery models that can likewise be utilized by individuals with constrained hand usefulness. The careful embed is frequently the last choice since it requires a changeless prosthesis that is embedded in the penis.

    Dangers identified with treatment

    Priapism: it is a too much delayed erection, which can happen when blood stagnates in the erectile tissues of the penis. It can cause fierce torment and harm the tissues of the penis. In case an erection endures longer than 4 hours it is important to fall back on therapeutic treatment.

    Notwithstanding for people, autonomic dysreflexia is a risky condition that can happen in instances of T6 wounds upwards. As in ladies, it shows with redness of the face, migraine, nasal clog, visual aggravations, chills, perspiring over the level of the sore, abnormality of the heartbeat. It isn’t in every case simple to recognize these side effects from the symptoms of medications. Along these lines it is ideal that those in danger hinder sexual movement, measure circulatory strain and counsel the specialists of the Spinal Unit.


    In the middle of the sexual demonstration regularly the sperm is discharged in the lady’s vagina. The sperms at that point move towards the cervix, enter the uterus and after that into the fallopian tubes. Pregnancy starts when the sperm prepare the lady’s egg.

    After the medullary damage, numerous men can’t produce kids. This can be an outcome of a discharge issue. In around 90% of the guys with medullary sore anejaculation happens, ie failure to discharge amid intercourse. Another potential issue is retrograde discharge, amid which the sperm is pushed in reverse into the bladder instead of being discharged from the penis. The failure to create youngsters can at last be caused by the change of the nature of the sperm, with a decreased level of versatile spermatozoa, whose reason isn’t notable

    Helpful potential outcomes of barrenness

    Ongoing examination has demonstrated that the seed gathered in the initial 6-12 days after the damage is typical. This can permit its accumulation and capacity. Sometimes an enhancement in sperm imperativeness can be seen after rehashed discharges.

    Vibratory penis incitement is an ease procedure that can be utilized to accomplish erection, however is chiefly used to initiate discharge, with a positive reaction in around 55% of cases, and in around 80% of those with damage above T10.

    Another procedure is rectal electro-current.

    In case vibratory incitement of the penis or electro-discharge does not enable satisfactory examples of sperm to be gotten, extraction of sperm from the vas deferens, the epididymis or the testis can be turned to by microsurgical or percutaneous yearning methods.

    Experience is the best teacher, as they say. One of the best ways to know if you like urethral insertion is to try out some penis plugs. Lustplugs has a collection of safe and high quality urethral instriuments. You can click here for more info.

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    5 Ways You Can Make Your Anal Beads Experience Hotter and Longer

    For some couples, anal sex is a taboo subject, just thinking about it causing nausea, disgust, anxiety or indignation, while for other couples, anal sex has become a common practice in intimate life. By definition, anal sex involves putting an object into the anus: finger, penis or sex toys, and is practiced by both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Statistically, one third of homosexual couples do not practice anal sex, and one-third of heterosexuals practice it occasionally and 10% frequently. Because of the large number of heterosexual couples compared to homosexual couples, in absolute numbers, anal sex is more practiced by heterosexual couples. If you have any doubt do go through the beginners guide to anal beads. You can also go to Love Plugs for more information on anal beads.

    The Anal Sex Attitude

    Attitudes to anal sex differ both at a personal and a legal level, and there are some regions where anal sex is forbidden by law. The church is against anal sex because through this sexual practice one cannot get a pregnancy, the role of sex being the conceiving of a child.

    • The anal region contains a large number of nerve endings, which is why some couples manage to get pleasure by practicing anal sex. For a better chance of succeeding and taking as few risks as possible, there are some tips that need to be considered when practicing anal sex.
    • First of all acceptances by both partners is required. The external anal sphincter must be relaxed to accommodate the erect penis.Local hygiene is essential. The anus must be clean and the intestine empty.
    • If you’re a beginner, think about anal sex. Anal sex requires some experience and knowledge of anatomy, in the absence of which the potential pleasure of anal sex can quickly turn into pain or unpleasant – for both partners!

    Even in the presence of effective relaxation, a lubricant is needed to facilitate penetration, and the movements must be fine.After anal sex, it is important to ensure hygiene before practicing another type of sex (vaginally or orally) to prevent bacterial infections.

    She uses a condom

    Even if not seen, there are a very large number of bacteria in the anus or rectum.Regardless of the preparations that are made prior to anal sex, regardless of the safety measures to be taken, anal sex presents some risks that need to be known.

    First of all, sexually transmitted diseases can also be contacted through anal sex. What’s more, some are transmitted more easily through anal sex. Thus, anal sex can transmit HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, HPV, Escherichia coli, Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

    Regardless of the lubrication used or the fineness of the act itself, the anal region is very sensitive and there can be lesions cracks of both the anal mucosa and the anal sphincter. Depending on the frequency of anal sex practice and the individual’s individual characteristics, the anal sphincter can undergo changes that can cause a degree of anal incontinence.

    The Anal Penetration

    Even if anal penetration cannot cause pregnancy, removing sperm from the anus and coming into contact with the vagina may cause sperm to enter the uterus and migrate to the ovum by fertilizing it.

    For some women, anal sex is the cake on the cake in case of a sexual act, but for others it is still a taboo subject. Although anal orgasm has been found to exist, few of the beautiful sex representatives are in the wind after this type of erotic experience.

    • How many times did you have to have sex so you could not lose your mind and why, there are top 10 feminine sexual fantasies: what are the most bold wishesthe Women’s Health publication has gathered the opinions and stories of the most courageous women who have tried anal sex: If you are tense or if you do it on an empty stomach it will hurt you. You will feel, of course, that you have to run to the toilet. But if you take things slowly and nicely, it’s a delight. It’s different from normal sex because you feel deeper. Do not have an orgasm faster through anal sex.
    • For some, the discomfort is so great that they cannot really do it. For example, your girlfriend and her boyfriend have often tried and it was unpleasant how much lubricant she would have used. The key is to be relaxed, but few succeed.

    You do not give in to the wind after anal sex, but your boyfriend loves it and we do it once in a couple of months. “I was obsessed with anal sex. At one point, through high school, I did more anal sex than normal sex. If you do everything right, anal sex is at the limit of pain and pleasure. He feels more upset than ever and fills you completely. When it penetrates you will have to keep your breath, because you will probably feel your body can not cope, but once you feel it in you, you will be overwhelmed with pleasure. Attention, however, to lubrication. It’s absolutely necessary; otherwise you will feel an uncontrolled need to go to the toilet. I tried once, long ago. The guy we wanted to do and I resisted, but eventually we succumbed. He tried to penetrate me, but it hurt too much. I do not think he used a lubricant and the anus is very tight. Maybe I’ll do it again if I meet a trusted person. However, anal sex is not at the top of my preferences.

    My first sexual experience was through anal penetration. My high school sweetheart was very religious and wanted to be married. He explained to me, though, that anal sex is not put, because it is not a way to procreate. I took things slowly and used a lot of lubricant. What seemed strange to me was that the initial penetration created a knot in my throat, much like when you’re scaring me very hard but excited, not afraid. It was very pleasant and extremely exciting. I felt my whole body vibrating and I had orgasm. It’s fun from time to time. You need to do it with a person you trust fully, use a lot of lubricant and try to gradually relax your anal muscles, first with a finger, then with the toys and only then to penetrate. It can be very enjoyable and intense, but your lover must be very patient, delicate and attentive.

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    The Historical Background of How Male Chastity Lifestyle Started

    Although often confused, chastity is not abstinence. And one can, and even must, be chaste in marriage as in consecrated life. Chastity is a gift from God, like everything that makes us stand up, like anything that allows us to love more. Chastity is one of the names of love, with respect, compassion, the gift of self all these names, put together, enlighten each other and talk about love: this term refers to so many different realities, who, nevertheless, are one and the same!

    More precisely, chastity is the dimension of respect in love that allows not being in a relationship of possession. It concerns the relation to the body, the sexuality, but also the relations to others. To be chaste is to find the right distance and therefore the good proximity; it is to welcome the other as he is. You can experience it for yourself by buying a great material like silicone male chastity device at https://lockthecock.com/collections/silicone-male-chastity-devices.

    A body made to love

    Chastity can be observed in marriage, in consecrated celibacy but also in young people who have not yet begun their existence. Those also are called to live chastity. But you must not confuse chastity, continence or abstinence. Chastity in a married couple is not to refuse one another, or to delay the meeting of bodies (abstinence, desirable at times). Married people feel that to be chaste is to order the sexual relationship to the love they have for each other. They tell us that the meeting of bodies is something beautiful, great: it is one of the most beautiful things that a man and a woman can live. From this enjoyment are born the joy, the sweetness that are blessed by God, and the Exercise of sexuality allows the expression of love and unification of the person, in a gift of oneself to another forever. But this exercise of sexuality could also destroy, through non-chaste relations, in the enslavement of the other to his own desire.

    But it is not only in the sexual relation that the body gives itself, because to love is always, ultimately, to give one’s body. This gift takes on different forms. He is present in the friendship. Not of course in the form of the exercise of sexuality, but in gestures of affection and chaste tenderness, in which there is no place for eroticism. The vibration of the body, the presence of the other, his look, his way of living in his body, affects any meeting.

    The body is also engaged in the choice of celibacy or religious life. You need to know a woman sexually. If you do not have a companion and committed to living chastely and in continence you gave your body to Christ and to the Church, which is the body of Christ, with what it can be crucifying at certain times. In fact, if you gave up conjugality, it was to live fraternity in mission and the proclamation of the Gospel. This does not mean that those who live in conjugality do not live in fraternity but will live it differently than single people. The great experience of the couple is conjugality and it is on this ground that everyone will live the fraternity while singles are decisively structured by the experience of fraternity. There is a Eucharistic dimension in the life of a couple as in the life of a single person. It refers to the way Christ gave himself: This is my body, given for you. To give one’s body is to give one.

    Chastity, a guarantee of profound freedom

    There may be a way for single people to get their hands on someone who is not chaste, while there is a chaste way to make love, couples tell us. And we all know that there can be eroticized relationships between a man and a woman that do not end in the sexual act but are not chaste!

    Parents may have non-chaste relationships with their children. For chastity also consists in respecting their deepest freedom, in not constraining this freedom. To be chaste is not to want to model his children in his image and likeness, but to let them invent their existence themselves, while being present in love. Not to be chaste with one’s children is to believe that one is their origin.

    Chastity is thus a reality that concerns all love. Chastity is a struggle but living a chaste relationship is always finding joy. Joy is the mark of a love lived in chastity. The enjoyment, the emotion, which does not turn into sadness, are the mark of a love lived in chastity.

    Chastity refers to the inner disposition that leads one to regulate one’s sexuality liberally for oneself and for others. It is therefore rather of the order of a virtue. It is therefore not a question of denying the sexual reality but of regulating the impulses that arise from it.

    To become chaste is not to try to avoid sexuality, but to try to assume it well; this, whatever the state of life in which we are and whatever the human balance that we managed to achieve. In addition, the aim of regulating sexuality is an eminently positive goal: greater freedom. The effort to become chaste is therefore an effort that seeks to use sexuality to become more man or woman, in a word to increase the relational power that is ours. As such, we can speak of the chastity of Jesus, whose relational power is manifest. Or to say that with other words, found on the website of the Conference of Bishops: It consists in accepting your own sexuality to make it a way of meeting another welcomed in his richness and his difference and received as a gift, without possessing or enslaving him. The entire baptized are called there. An important point is to mention: chastity is not only a spiritual or religious issue, even if in this context it will take on more meaning.

    Therefore the question asked – is rather relative to continence, because chastity is an evangelical council that is addressed to every disciple of Christ, regardless of his state of life: single, consecrated, and married or in the process of being concubine

    Most often, chastity is reduced to a moral rule formulated in terms of forbidden. Now, as per the Male chastity guide chastityis the meeting of the other, and a little further, the sign of the true relation with God is the true relation with the others.