5 Ways You Can Make Your Anal Beads Experience Hotter and Longer

For some couples, anal sex is a taboo subject, just thinking about it causing nausea, disgust, anxiety or indignation, while for other couples, anal sex has become a common practice in intimate life. By definition, anal sex involves putting an object into the anus: finger, penis or sex toys, and is practiced by both homosexual and heterosexual couples. Statistically, one third of homosexual couples do not practice anal sex, and one-third of heterosexuals practice it occasionally and 10% frequently. Because of the large number of heterosexual couples compared to homosexual couples, in absolute numbers, anal sex is more practiced by heterosexual couples. If you have any doubt do go through the beginners guide to anal beads. You can also go to Love Plugs for more information on anal beads.

The Anal Sex Attitude

Attitudes to anal sex differ both at a personal and a legal level, and there are some regions where anal sex is forbidden by law. The church is against anal sex because through this sexual practice one cannot get a pregnancy, the role of sex being the conceiving of a child.

  • The anal region contains a large number of nerve endings, which is why some couples manage to get pleasure by practicing anal sex. For a better chance of succeeding and taking as few risks as possible, there are some tips that need to be considered when practicing anal sex.
  • First of all acceptances by both partners is required. The external anal sphincter must be relaxed to accommodate the erect penis.Local hygiene is essential. The anus must be clean and the intestine empty.
  • If you’re a beginner, think about anal sex. Anal sex requires some experience and knowledge of anatomy, in the absence of which the potential pleasure of anal sex can quickly turn into pain or unpleasant – for both partners!

Even in the presence of effective relaxation, a lubricant is needed to facilitate penetration, and the movements must be fine.After anal sex, it is important to ensure hygiene before practicing another type of sex (vaginally or orally) to prevent bacterial infections.

She uses a condom

Even if not seen, there are a very large number of bacteria in the anus or rectum.Regardless of the preparations that are made prior to anal sex, regardless of the safety measures to be taken, anal sex presents some risks that need to be known.

First of all, sexually transmitted diseases can also be contacted through anal sex. What’s more, some are transmitted more easily through anal sex. Thus, anal sex can transmit HIV, hepatitis A, hepatitis C, HPV, Escherichia coli, Chlamydia, genital herpes, gonorrhea and many other sexually transmitted diseases.

Regardless of the lubrication used or the fineness of the act itself, the anal region is very sensitive and there can be lesions cracks of both the anal mucosa and the anal sphincter. Depending on the frequency of anal sex practice and the individual’s individual characteristics, the anal sphincter can undergo changes that can cause a degree of anal incontinence.

The Anal Penetration

Even if anal penetration cannot cause pregnancy, removing sperm from the anus and coming into contact with the vagina may cause sperm to enter the uterus and migrate to the ovum by fertilizing it.

For some women, anal sex is the cake on the cake in case of a sexual act, but for others it is still a taboo subject. Although anal orgasm has been found to exist, few of the beautiful sex representatives are in the wind after this type of erotic experience.

  • How many times did you have to have sex so you could not lose your mind and why, there are top 10 feminine sexual fantasies: what are the most bold wishesthe Women’s Health publication has gathered the opinions and stories of the most courageous women who have tried anal sex: If you are tense or if you do it on an empty stomach it will hurt you. You will feel, of course, that you have to run to the toilet. But if you take things slowly and nicely, it’s a delight. It’s different from normal sex because you feel deeper. Do not have an orgasm faster through anal sex.
  • For some, the discomfort is so great that they cannot really do it. For example, your girlfriend and her boyfriend have often tried and it was unpleasant how much lubricant she would have used. The key is to be relaxed, but few succeed.

You do not give in to the wind after anal sex, but your boyfriend loves it and we do it once in a couple of months. “I was obsessed with anal sex. At one point, through high school, I did more anal sex than normal sex. If you do everything right, anal sex is at the limit of pain and pleasure. He feels more upset than ever and fills you completely. When it penetrates you will have to keep your breath, because you will probably feel your body can not cope, but once you feel it in you, you will be overwhelmed with pleasure. Attention, however, to lubrication. It’s absolutely necessary; otherwise you will feel an uncontrolled need to go to the toilet. I tried once, long ago. The guy we wanted to do and I resisted, but eventually we succumbed. He tried to penetrate me, but it hurt too much. I do not think he used a lubricant and the anus is very tight. Maybe I’ll do it again if I meet a trusted person. However, anal sex is not at the top of my preferences.

My first sexual experience was through anal penetration. My high school sweetheart was very religious and wanted to be married. He explained to me, though, that anal sex is not put, because it is not a way to procreate. I took things slowly and used a lot of lubricant. What seemed strange to me was that the initial penetration created a knot in my throat, much like when you’re scaring me very hard but excited, not afraid. It was very pleasant and extremely exciting. I felt my whole body vibrating and I had orgasm. It’s fun from time to time. You need to do it with a person you trust fully, use a lot of lubricant and try to gradually relax your anal muscles, first with a finger, then with the toys and only then to penetrate. It can be very enjoyable and intense, but your lover must be very patient, delicate and attentive.