Sex on a Plane: Here’s how you should do it

Wait, you taught sex on a plane is not to be seen in reality? Do you think it’s only possible in movies? Would anyone dare experiment in such a public place? No way? Think again! 

What Makes Sex on a Plane Exciting 

Many people have tried the magic of having sex on a flight, and the number is higher than you think. Not only do they dare to try it, but they find it hard to get enough of these adventures, so they want more. It is a pleasing experience for so many reasons, and we will start with the most logical. 


The amount of oxygen in your bloodstream and brain decreases during a flight. You may then feel a sudden outburst of arousal in your genitals and feelings of euphoria. What better way to use the extra sexual energy than through an exciting sex adventure?


Orgasms are much better when you are flying. Why is that so? Well, the higher you are, the less oxygen there is in your bloodstream, and that tension feels good to your body. 


We would stop here and direct a question to those who have not been on an airplane yet. Do you remember that feeling of sudden excitement when the car accelerates sharply and the road is flat? That feeling when your body suddenly feels like having sex is much more intense on the plane.

Overnight Flights Are the Best 

If you want to add this to your bucket list, go ahead. And if you have an overnight flight with your boyfriend soon, now is the time to try. If you travel overnight, only a decision separates you from fulfilling a wish.


Most people will want to rest, which opens the door for you to have fun without interruption and the risk of catching. At least not so easy, because fewer people will get the urge to stretch their legs or go to the toilet. Also, depending on where you are going to do it, keep in mind that the restroom is the cleanest at night time. 


Whether you are new or experienced, the restroom is the best place for you. However, you should not go there as if you are sneaking out but relaxed. Do not give any pair of eyes that may have remained awake a reason to pry.


Maybe the seats between and around the two of you are free? Did you bring a large blanket? Your hands might play the role here. The feelings you’ll get from this go all the way from wonderful, rebellious to horny.

Find the Right Timing 

Don’t miss that flight at 10 PM. And if you still miss it, don’t worry. The party is still waiting around the corner. First of all, pay attention to flight attendants. 


After a drink service, hardly anyone will ask for help with something for quite a few hours. Of course, none of that is certain. But statistically, those hours are the safest for you. A long-haul flight is the best option for this type of adventure. After a drink and food service, the lights go out for a good 4–5 hours. And that time is your fun time. 

A few people from the service will always stay awake. But when the lights go out, they sleep in shifts too. The fewer they are, the greater the chance for fun. So, to avoid embarrassment, choose carefully and choose appropriate timing.

Use the Classic “Fight in a Flight” 

This trick is old, but it’s still gold. Many couples still manage to bluff a quarrel and end up in the toilet together. This is definitely one of the best sex tips on a plane to get today. You can even spill a drink on your partner’s lap, which will surely create a safe way to the bathroom where you will help him clean up. And only you will know the way how. But there is something else! This is the perfect opportunity to touch your partner’s genitals in front of everyone, as long as water and crumbs “bother him.” 

Do It Quick

Sex plane calls for a quicky. That adrenaline rush because they can catch you and the excitement we talked about at the beginning of the text, which concerns the lack of oxygen, will quickly disappear if you get caught.


The best advice we have is to do everything in your power to excite both yourself and your partner before going to the restroom for some wild sex. Sexting and whispers, a touch under the blanket, looks, and even porn — whatever it is that turns you on, go for it.

True Life-Stories 

Statistics say that 75% of passengers on a plane feel horny. Only 5% of them dared to indulge in adventure. Among this 5%, some spread the story further, via the internet or by ear. Flight attendants spread gossip too. But also, some of the passengers often use the camera to record the couples. 

Stories range from celebrities cuddling under blankets through strangers in the elevator to gay couples who have no shame at all, even when people watch them. Most couples who do not enjoy first-class flights wait for the person sitting next to them to go to the toilet. And then they cuddle as long as they have time.

Blow jobs also don’t go out of trend during sex on a plane. When the lights go out, that’s what a little braver couple dares to perform. As the adrenaline is at a high level, it doesn’t take long for the climax to come to an end.


Passengers, however, most often decide to go to the restroom. And one couple said that they visited a restroom for the handicapped because there was more space, and they had the craziest night of their life. Since then, they have always enjoyed sex traveling by plane without children.


It is not far from the truth to come across a stranger whose gaze indicates that he wants you. Not a bit of love with the staff comes out of the option too. If you are brave enough to try, chances are you will never stop again.