What Are The Best Kegel Exercises To Strengthen Sphincter Muscles

Some of the proposed ones are Kegel exercises that come from the name of its inventor Dr. Arnold Kegel, gynecologist, who imagined for the women, exercises of contractions and relaxation of the perineum for a better awareness of these muscles and a reinforcement of the perineum.

Quickly discover all the advice of a professional perineal reeducation.

During the perineal reeducation sessions, the therapist brings you to an awareness and then re-education of the perineum using different exercises. The effectiveness of these sessions is well established.

  • First of all, let’s talk about the important role of the perineum.
  • Let’s not forget that the perineum is a group of muscles forming the pelvic floor that supports all the abdominal organs, it forms like a hammock. It is therefore necessary to “maintain” to prevent relaxation.
  • Indeed, the relaxation of the perineal muscles can cause problems such as urine leaks , vaginal gases , pelvic heaviness , perineal pain , or the descent of organs.
  • During pregnancy for example, the weight of the uterus and the baby will press on this hammock, through which the baby will pass during childbirth.
  • Even in case of cesarean section, the perineum may have “suffered” from the baby’s weight and the perineal muscles may be distended.
  • That is why it is necessary between the perineal reeducation sessions and after the end of these sessions to continue performing the exercises that your therapist has given you.
  • From the maternity you can begin to perform small exercises of contractions / loosening of the perineum, but be careful not to “stop pee” as we can sometimes still hear!
  • This can cause the sphincter of the urethra to contract, leaving a urine residue in the bladder that can lead to urinary tract infection.

The exercises of contractions / release of the perineum are not only intended for young mothers. Sometimes after several pregnancies, with age, menopause or significant weight the perineum may also need to be retrained.

Do your perineal exercises with geisha balls

Here are 5 exercises to practice at home, with or without Kegel exercise tools:

  1. Awareness of the Perineum

Tighten the vaginal muscles as if you wanted to hold back a urge to urinate and Release. The working time of contraction of the perineum must always correspond to half the resting time (squeeze for 5 seconds;release the contraction for 10 sec).

These Kegel balls improve pelvic fitness and will make you aware of the perineum, facilitate healing (after pregnancy) while activating the blood circulation, and begin to retrain the muscles of the perineum.These exercises for the perineum can be continued for life, the ideal being to make 3 sets of 10 perineal contractions per day.The difficulty is not to do them but to think about them. So give yourself landmarks: during feeding, waking, driving, on the bus, while lying down.

  1. Contraction of the perineum

First sit back on your back. The fold your legs and have flat back. Begin by contracting the vagina, as if to retain urine or gas, always in small series of 10 contractions / 10 releases.

  1. To go a little further

Again stay on your back then bent your legs in support of the ground. Blow slowly while contracting the perineum. Block your breathing by plugging your nose. And lift the air in your belly to your chest under the ribs.This will dig the belly and swell the chest, which will help tighten the perineal muscles further

  1. The half-bridge

While lying on the back:Legs bent in support on the ground: Contract the perineum by slowly blowing: Tighten the buttocks and thighs to tilt the pelvis and then take off the buttocks from the ground (half-bridge) by blowing for 10 seconds. Go down very slowly while unrolling the column one after one.

  1. The lift

It is also possible to imagine the perineum as an elevator, here is a last exercise to do standing or lying:

  • Imagine that you are in an elevator and go up to the 4th floor. The more you go up one floor and more you will have to contract during this climb, while taking breaks on each floor reached.
  • The contraction of the muscles will be like the previous exercises except that on each floor, you put a little more contraction up the body.

1st floor: tighten your pelvic floor muscles for 1 second, then made a break by releasing the contraction

2nd stage: contract for 2 seconds, pulling up your muscles to the upper body then release

3rd floor: tighten your pelvic floor muscles, going back a little more muscle for 3 seconds then release

4th floor: contract one last time for 4 seconds and release.

Some recommendations for your exercises

Also remember to maintain a good posture, a straight back, a good rocking of the pelvis.

It is important to do exercises for the perineum every day (Kegel exercises or others). If it may seem tedious at first, it will quickly become a habit, even a reflex.Also remember to lock your perineum when you contract your abdominal muscles to cough, laugh, sneeze, or carry loads.

Indeed during the contraction of the abdominals, pressure is applied from the top to the bottom, so it is necessary to have a “solid base”, i.e. a tonic pelvic floor to avoid small inconveniences such as urinary leakage, vaginal farts or pelvic heaviness.

Some accessories can help you and motivate you everyday like the yoni eggs famous in India, as well as the practice of some sports such as gymnastics Pilates, yoga, and postural gymnastics with accessories: Pilates Circle, Ball Pilates etc. It’s important that your tools are of the highest quality. Loveballs has a reputation for the best kegel balls online. You can go there and buy some.

Where and when to do Kegel exercises?

This is the great advantage of these exercises! Because you can do them anytime, at work, in the kitchen, while watching TV, etc. Of course, you can also do them during sex !! I advise you to do them at fixed times.

Why do Kegel exercises?

These exercises will train your pelvic floor muscles, including the PC muscle. With this you will get more control over your urethra. Men can delay their ejaculation and have more control over their erections. In addition, men and women can achieve more intense orgasms by contracting the muscles of their pelvic floor when they are strong.

Are tools needed to do Kegel exercises?

No, it is not necessary, you can do them without tools, standing seated, lying down, everything is possible!