Where Can You Hide Your Sex Swing Without Damaging It?

You are planning to buy the first sex toy, but do not know how to store it? Or is your collection of adult products too big and you needing a new place? We will talk about opportunities that will be very useful to those who are trying to hide the presence of sex products in their home. There are the tips on keeping your sex swing/sling hidden in case you are living with your parents or children.

Nightstand with lock

It is convenient to keep sex toys somewhere in the bedroom, and not in another part of the house. And the bedside table is perfect. But it is necessary to hang a lock on it. This form of storage is convenient if the people around are not curious. This is not the ideal way to store in a family with teenage children.

Tool case

For storage of screwdrivers, screws and other useful things in the home sell special boxes or suitcases. They are sliding with an abundance of compartments. The advantage of this design is the presence of a lock. Do it for children, so that they do not accidentally find the contents. So, in such a case, you can remove sex toys. But it is important to keep it with other tools so that the box does not arouse suspicion. And still such box is not too capacious, its volume is limited

Storage tanks

Children are not interested in metal or plastic boxes of pasta or cereals. If they stand among other kitchen utensils, then they definitely do not attract attention. But in an oblong capacity, you can easily put a vibrator or dildo. But here it is important not to forget where the sex toy is. And it is important that the kitchen does not have a new hostess, who will begin to restore order.

Box with socks

Any sex toy can be placed in a linen closet. But it is important not just to put it under things, but to place them in them. For example, you can wear a sock on a vibrator, and then put it under other hosiery. You can also put it in a sleeve of a sweater or even a pocket of a jacket that you haven’t worn for a long time

Soft toy

Inside the teddy bear that adorns the bedroom, you can shove the lubricants, massager and strap-ons. To do this, make a pocket on the back or bottom of the toy. The more artificial pet, the more useful accessories will fit into it. It is better to close the pocket with a zipper so that nothing falls out. But this method of storage is suitable only for families where children have already grown up, and they are no longer interested in plush creatures.

Real safe

Today, many homes have safes. But not only jewels can be stored in them, but also sex toys. Even if the family will know about such a shelter, they will not be able to open it. The disadvantage of such storage is that home caches are always small in size; a large collection of sex toys does not fit there


The bag for clothes can be equipped with a lock. Most often these things are bought for travel. But you can hang it in the bedroom, to place sex toys inside. On top of the case it is better to throw a shirt, coat or something else, a little eye-catching. On the hanger you can place even very large sex toys. But it is important to figure out how they will hang. Vibrators with a loop at the base are ideal for this. From the wire, you can create hooks, and they already have products for pleasure.8 ways to hide sex toys from prying eyes. A similar storage method is soft panels with pockets (hanging cases, hanging organizers). Everything fits in them: from lubricants and erection rings to huge dildos. But this method of storage is not protected; the lock is difficult to hang. Although anything draped over it will hide the contents from prying eyes. It can be used if no outsider looks inside the cabinet.

Suitcase in the closet

For travel, bags and suitcases are equipped with locks. And it is very convenient to place any sex toys in them. The bag does not attract attention under the bed or in the dressing room, and nobody guesses its contents.Even sex toys can be stored in boxes with a double bottom, in secret niches in the bedroom. But the organization of such spaces is not too simple, so people often choose one of the above ways to store sex toys.

Remember that it is better to place sex toys between things that do not attract attention. For example, among the old things that no one uses, among the medicines that are not interesting to children or in the garage. To surround the container with sex goods must be ordinary things, and the more of them around, the better.

Whether you are a parent who dreads the embarrassing discovery of your pleasure items by your children, or you are tall children who would rather not explain what this stylish silicone rod does to your parents, you are to ask us the question of the dissimulation of your naughty accessories to avoid these untimely encounters.

So from the more traditional to the less obvious, to those that are best avoided, here are some ideas of hiding places to put your naughty accessories away from prying eyes!

In the middle of your panties

Your naughty accessories and underwear already sharing this privileged intimacy, what better than to unite them in a common space! It’s unlikely we’ll put our nose in this ultra-personal place: your accessories should be safe.

At the bottom of a boot

Even the most bitter of burglars will not think to go take a look at the bottom of a rubber boot and when you go get your vibrator for some sweet moments of pleasure, you will have some reminiscences of Christmas and his gift socks! For reasons of hygiene, prefer to place your vibrator in a pocket before sliding it in this zone where the foot stagnates.

In the pocket of a coat

If there is a coat in your closet that you never put on, give it a new youth and use its pockets to slip your accessories: small vibrating egg in the side pockets, ”  rabbit  ” more bulky in the inner pocket, Geisha balls in the lining.

In the pillow

At the same time handy and well concealed, your accessory will be here in an ideal place. It will simply avoid the battles of duff.

Under the mattress

Since now, the money is in the bank; the mattress pads are empty and are again a prime location for quick and effective handling!

In a special box sex toys

Pink, metal, with a small padlock to discourage the most curious, the box specifically designed to house your accessories is the perfect hiding place although it may cause a little too much curiosity from the household. On remembers Bluebeard: when only one piece is forbidden, she is the only one we want to visit!

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